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About The Area

Preliminary information about the Biomass Power Plant.

EMRA license (14.5 MW) for the planned Energy Generation with a power capacity of 14.5 MW, the Zoned Project area, the ownership of which is owned by the Company, and the raw material contracts will be transferred by the share transfer of the Company.

Current YEKDEM rights MW fee is 133 USD. There is a 10-year purchase guarantee right with partial commissioning in June 2021 and subsequent energy production at full capacity.

YEKDEM, has been operating in Turkey since 2005. YEKDEM stands for “Renewable Energy Resources Support Mechanism”.

Date Of Update 15/02/2021
Sale Price 5.000.000 USD
ROI 6 Years Estimated

Representational Photo

Teh pictures will be shared with final investors, due to the business owner choice.

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