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AIT, Alternative Investment Turkey, is an investment opportunities firm that offers investment and collaborations. It currently provides investors with a profitable alternative investment portfolio from all sectors in Turkey. In addition to the satisfaction of investors and business owners, we also care about establishing transparent relationships. The work that has been continuing since 2015 has [...]
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To invest in the energy sector in Turkey

Depending on the economic and population growth in Turkey is increasing demand for energy and natural resources. Since 2002, Turkey has recorded the fastest growth in the OECD, with an annual growth rate of 5.5 percent since then. Since then, Turkey’s primary energy supply two-fold increase from 78.4 Mtoe to 155 Mtoe output in 17 […]

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Student houses for investment

As UNIVA, set out to perform the firsts in TURKEY. Univa In the real estate market, which reached a certain level of saturation with shopping malls, offices and housing stock, Student Houses come forward as the most accurate and profitable means of investment. UNIVA offers an investment opportunity that provides big returns from small savings. […]

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